Super Bowl Betting

Since the first NFL-AFL Championship Game was played in 1967, the Super Bowl has grown into a national sporting phenomenon. Super Bowl Sunday is America’s most anticipated and celebrated game for sports fans and bettors alike. As the Super Bowl has grown in popularity, so has betting on the Super Bowl. With billions of dollars wagered on the NFL’s biggest game every year, Super Bowl betting is the biggest and most profitable day on the calendar for many pro football bettors.

Super Bowl Point Spread Betting

The most popular form of betting associated with NFL football, point spread betting, often dominates conversation leading up to the Super Bowl. Early spreads on the Super Bowl are released as soon as both Conference Championship Games are concluded, with the point spread being examined, discussed, and debated in the two week stretch leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. With enormous sums of money coming in on both sides throughout the buildup to the game, the Championship game point spread can shift several points as the week progresses. Depending on injury updates and the buzz around the game, point spreads occasionally act as seesaws, occasionally moving back and forth in both directions. The Super Bowl is played on neutral ground, meaning the standard three points for the home team is not factored in (no team has ever played a Super Bowl in their home stadium). Super Bowl point spreads tend to be close, as the competitive nature of the game would suggest. The largest point spread in NFL Championship Game history came in Super Bowl III, when the 17 point underdog New York Jets upset the NFC’s Baltimore Colts 16-7. Many sportsbooks offer point spread betting on the specific football game before the regular season begins, with an early point spread between the AFC and NFC available.

Super Bowl Money Line Betting

The two football teams facing off in the Super Bowl have no concern for margin of victory. As the only goal in the mind of each competitor is who gets the Lombardi Trophy, money line betting is often the preferred method for Super Bowl bettors. Super Bowl money lines and Super Bowl point spreads tend to go hand-in-hand; the larger the line, the greater the money lines. In lopsided Super Bowls, money lines can be great returns on investments.

Super Bowl Futures

Future bets are available before the start of the NFL season, with sportsbooks adjusting the money line odds on Super Bowl winners as the season progresses. Predicting a long-shot Super Bowl Champion can give savvy gamblers a huge earning on a small bet. Other times, early favorites are the smart money when a team has what it takes to live up to the expectations. Down-side, the long wait for a result and potential win.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets are some of the most entertaining wagers in all of sports, making Super Bowl Sunday a wild day of betting. Anything imaginable can be bet on during Super Bowl Sunday. The winning kick off before the game itself, including the National Anthem, the coin toss whether it is heads or tails, half-time show bets, and other pregame festivities. The games’ first (1st) down, first score, top performers, MVP winner, leading rusher, turnover total, and whether the game goes into overtime are a few of the hundreds of available props. Then, when the teams aren’t on the field you have proposition bets such as related to commercials, half-time shows, and what the broadcast shows discussions are; these and more are all available to be bet on on this great game day. Prop bets can win bettors huge money and make the most exciting day of the year more compelling than ever.

Super Bowl Betting Online

Over the years, NFL bettors have often relied on local bookies to take their Super Bowl wagers, subjecting them to worse odds, lower payouts, and little security. With the rising influence of online sportsbooks, Super Bowl bettors now have a reliable and convenient way to place their wagers. Sportsbooks give the best current lines on the game, the most prop bets, and the safest way to bet. There are also great features such as live betting, which allows people to bet as the Super Bowl unfolds in real time. Online sportsbooks have revolutionized wagering on the Super Bowl online for the better. offers tested and trusted recommendations for the best sportsbooks on the web to make your bets online.